WE ARe House of Barbaard


A true barbershop

– All our Barbers are trained by Dutch masters –

We believe that good barbering is an art and that barbers are the artists.

We know that it can be a big leap of faith to trust somebody else with your hair. After all it takes good craftsmanship to create quality haircuts and beard trims. A quality barber education was missing in Vietnam, so we decided to start our own.Trained by highly skilled barbers from Holland we introduced the first barbershop to Vietnam that follows European standards.

Book now and receive 25% first time discount

Mention “Welcome to the Family” upon booking or during checkout.

It’s an experience

– Escape the busy city life and relax –

It’s an experience

– Escape the busy city life and relax –

We all know that living in the big city can be a bit much sometimes. It’s good to escape the chaos every now and then and spend some time on yourself.

“Women go to a nail salon or a spa, men go to House of Barbaard. The “Men-spa” of Vietnam.”
– Someone very wise –

When you come to our place there is no rush. A hot towel shave or beard trim takes 45 mins and for a haircut we spend 60 mins. A hair-wash is done two times, so you will not leave with those pesky hairs that tent to keep on appearing after a cut.

You’ll always get a drink and some light snacks. Want to treat yourself even more than the normal Heineken or house whiskey? No problem, for a small upgrade you can choose from a big selection of spirits, cocktails and cigars.

Our barber Services

All our Services include a Heineken Beer, House Whiskey, Juice, Soda or Coffee / Tea and finger snacks.

welcome to the family

– Get 25% discount on your first time visit –

In our house our Gentlemen see each other as brothers.

Become part of our Barbaard family, and for your first visit enjoy a 25% discount. This way you get the chance to experience the services of House of Barbaard for a reduced price.

We look forward to showing you our House and welcoming you to the Barbaard Family.

Please mention Welcome to the family when making your booking or when you check out at the House.

I highly recommend it

"I’ve been here three times. The staff are wonderful. I keep coming back because while it’s relatively expensive, the service you get is worth it. Complementary booze, optional cigars, some snacks-- they pamper you here and they know what they’re doing. [ ... ] I highly recommend it. It’s a worthwhile experience and much better than other barbers in Hanoi. The staff all speak excellent english and exceeded my expectations. Book a reservation!"

-Mitchell Kedrosky, Sep. 2019 -

Men deserve places like this

"This is definitely the best place to spent one hour of your time while a complete team of professionals take care of your appearance. To be honest, there must be a House of Barbaard in every city in this planet. Men deserve places like this. Cheers!"

-Andrés Sosa, Aug. 2019 -

They did a great job

"This is one of the best barber shop I’ve been to in the world. I’ve had my haircut in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Koh Tao, and Shanghai. I have so many cow licks that I always have a problem with. They did a great job."

- Chris Del Duco, Jul. 2019 -

It really surprised me

I have come here with my partner. It really surprised me. I can’t believe that in saigon there is such a very European place. Great place for gentlemen, they take care of the beard and hair for the great gentlemen. They also sell extremely elegant costumes. But that doesn’t mean women can’t come. On weekends they have jazz music, which is decorated with classic European elegance and luxury. Price is not too expensive for butz excellent service with professional staff."

- Thảo Nguyễn, Jun. 2019 -

An Experience!

"Wow! First visit and what an experience, without a doubt the best haircut i've ever had. In Liverpool i pay £28 for a haircut in an apparently "high end" barber shop and the cut has never come close to being as good as that which i received in House of Barbaard. Friendly & professional staff, awesome decor and really clean,,,,"

- Anthony Didsbury, Apr. 2018 -